December 18, 2018

Can you replace a halogen bulb with LED? Yes! And here is how.

In the present day, the technologies of the headlight bulbs for cars have gone through drastic changes. The new lights are advantageous in many ways. LEDs have started taking the front seat these days due to its versatile benefits. Once you replace your headlight bulbs with LEDs, there would be lesser chances of your anxiety regarding the matter anymore. While having LEDs you can get a comfortable and flawless experience while driving at night.

There are many ways of replacing your old halogen headlights with the most recent LED setups. The minute things which you need to consider while buying a setup are given below.

You should buy a light setup only after a proper test

Always remember, that a headlight is the primary and the most important part of a car. Before you go for the replacement of the kit, a test is most important. By the test, you will be able to understand if the light can serve you the best or not.

Avoid buying the cheapest variant of LEDs available in the market

In most of the cases, the price of the headlight kit depends upon the quality of the LEDs used for making them. For better durability, you should always try to buy a LED kit of a comparatively higher price. Carparts are quite tricky and time-consuming to be changed. A cheap light setup may result in early change up of the kit.

The advantages of LED lights cannot be ignored:

  • They are energy saving
  • They serve efficiently for longer hours
  • They are pocket-friendly

Replacement of the halogen lights to LEDs can easily be done by you. Sheer knowledge about cars and its vital parts may help you to change up the light kit with ease. However, if you face any problem or run out of confidence, you should call up a professional for help.

In most of the cases, the fixtures of halogen lights also go with the LED lights.

You just have to maintain the following steps to execute the replacement.

Select a bulb

Selecting the right LED bulb is the primary thing you need to do. You need to go through the car’s user’s manual properly. In some cases, you can either the manufacturer or remove the bulb and read about them.

Unpack the kit

Secondly, you should unpack the new kit and put all of its parts together. Concentrate on handling each of the car accessories with care.

Take out the halogen bulb

There are wires connected to the headlight. You need to unplug them first. You should try doing this process with sheer gentleness.  Make sure that the engine is off and the keys are out. Twist the metal clip anticlockwise and pull the bulb out.

Place the LED lights

Once you have removed halogen lights you just need to put the LED kit in the headlight cavity. Place it on the socket and turn clockwise to make it firm. Finally, connect the relevant wires to the ballast.

You can also put customized headlights made of LEDs in your car the same way. This is the procedure of upgrading your headlights and enjoying the new technology.

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