August 15, 2018

Benefits of appropriate car lights while travelling

The role of car lights while travelling is indeed a no-brainer.  Driving with poor or no car lights is a nightmare. Ever tried it? Good car lights are critical during travel. Needless to say they ensure utmost safety while travelling. Without them it seems impossible to drive long distances. To make the most of your driving experience, you need good car lights. There is a wide range of options in car lights which you could install to suit or serve different purposes. Apart from the safety aspect, car light accessories are available for special purposes as well as for styling, to give a unique and customized look. You may consider leading brands such as Bosch, Motolamp, Zodiac etc. while selecting your car lights.

Here’s what you can consider if you are seeking to add excitement to your driving experience:

Switch to LED headlights

Headlights perhaps play the most crucial role during night travel. They provide you with the much needed visibility. To increase visibility by nearly 100%, switch to LED lights. They are energy efficient and are longer lasting.  Unlike halogen bulbs they do not need to be replaced from time to time. Led lights provide greater benefits over every other form of light. They are cheaper in the long-term and also eco-friendly.

Decorative LED lights are also available to glamorize your car. They may perhaps also help improve the lightning conditions inside the passenger compartment which could be helpful during night travel. Led lights have undoubtedly better lighting quality.

Fog lights do help

You never know when you may run into foggy conditions during travel. Driving through fog is a nightmare you rather not experience. In foggy conditions your head lights get blurred due to surface condensation, compromising your visibility. Fog lights give you a clear vision as the beam penetrates through the fog, enhancing your visibility. Fog lights are usually located at lower positions of the vehicle to reduce the glare while driving

Tail lamps and breaking lights

Tail lamps are important to indicate your position to the vehicle following you in poor lighting conditions. Equally if not more important are the breaking light. They indicate to the driver of the vehicle following whenever you apply your brakes. This gives the necessary warning to the vehicle following to control its speed to avoid collision from the rear, whether its day or night. Therefore, ensure that your tail lamps and breaking lights are of the best quality.

Importance of Indicators

In our existing urban traffic conditions, good Indicators are a must for any vehicle. They indicate your navigation to the others on the street. Pedestrians, cyclists and motorists alike need to be given an indication of your navigation, particularly those driving in your blind spot. It’s important therefore to have indicators at various locations of the exterior of your vehicle as well as on your console. It’s an indication that you are indicating.

So, if your car lighting is right, drive on!

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